White Hat Vs Black Hat Reviews in Online Communities

Writing a product review of any product you’ve bought and used, can be an excellent way to share information with fellow shoppers, support a product you appreciate, or simply build up your writing repertoire. A solid product review rests on sound knowledge and research of a product, and an unbiased assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. In the case of shopping, a product’s value lies in its overall performance and value for money. And for any shopper, it’s important that a product stands out from the crowd and performs to expectations. Here are some tips to help you write a product review that’ll get you recognized among your peers: SPSReviews

* Find relevant product reviews – To find good product reviews, it’s best to search for them using keywords such as “product review,” “best product reviews” or “best product reviewed.” These keyword searches will return a number of web pages and articles that are likely to include your review. The more relevant the article is to your topic and needs, the better. As a result, you should try to avoid product reviews that are obviously aimed at selling a product. Instead, focus on writing product reviews that are helpful to readers, explain the reviewer’s experience and discuss the features of the product in question.

* Stay away from product reviews that are promotional – The purpose of this kind of review is to be impartial and informative. If a reviewer mentions how much money the particular product costs, he or she is actually doing more harm than good. Rather, focus on providing factual information about a particular product that speaks well of it, rather than trying to sell it to the reader. This will make the review more meaningful.

* Avoid product inserts – This isn’t a white hat tactic, but it can be pretty useful if used sparingly. Inserts often contain positive reviews about a product or seller that includes information about how great the company is in terms of customer service. However, this positive review may be written by an employee instead of an independent customer service professional. Using an insert doesn’t mean the company is unethical; it just means the review was written by someone not working for the company. For this reason, the insert should be looked at with caution. It should be looked at with great skepticism.

* Black Hat Tactics – Using negative reviews to harm competitors has long been prohibited by the Better Business Bureau. Still, there are some unscrupulous sellers who use this strategy frequently. One of these sellers reported that his accounts were being terminated due to his using fake reviews to harm competitors.

* Product Testing – When a product testing company gets paid for testing new products, it’s called market testing, not product review. Product testing companies are independent organizations that do the testing without any personal stake in the outcome. This does present a conflict of interest, but product testing companies do have legitimate reasons for wanting to get paid for testing new products.

If a company is considering using white hat tactics to get paid for product reviews, they need to make sure the review isn’t being written by an employee who represents the company in any way. This employee should sign a separate release form acknowledging the involvement of the company. Then, the employee should only write the review based on his/her personal experience with the product. If the review is something like “I think this stinks” or “It’s horrible,” the person should identify that he is not a hired employee of the company and has never been a part of any company projects. Also, if the person has ever asked other people to leave product reviews, the person shouldn’t be writing that particular review.

Overall, many chat marketers are using a white hat tactic for getting paid for reviews of their products. They know it can potentially be against the law, but since the community gives them so much visibility, many sellers are willing to risk it in order to get positive reviews and increase exposure. Overall, most sellers are happy with the results.