Searching For a Lost Pet

One of the last things any pet owner wants to happen is for our precious pet to be lost, but it happens. Before panic sets in the best thing to do is get a grip and focus on a search plan to get them home as quickly as possible.

Right away you need to recruit as many friends, relatives, neighbors anyone who is willing to help you physically search the surrounding neighborhood or location to do so. Some may walk, some may be in cars, it really doesn’t matter, there is success in numbers and the best time to find your pet is when they first go missing. Hopefully you will be taking them home with you this day. If not,  

lost and found website

Put an ad in your classified paper right away with your pet’s description leaving a number where you can be reached at anytime. You may also want to put the ad in Special Notices as well. Make sure that your ad will also be placed on the Internet lost and found. Likewise keep close watch for your pet in the Found sections of any publications or Internet sites for your area.

Find the best photo you have of your pet so you can create posters that will be easy to recognize. If someone sees the poster and they have your pet or have seen it there will be no doubt it is yours. Make sure your lettering and picture is LARGE enough to be seen while driving by. Put REWARD at the top of your poster and it will get noticed. Put the amount of your reward and it will really get noticed. Seriously consider making the reward a significant amount. This can highly motivate people to keep their eyes open a little wider and come forward a little quicker.

* A rule of thumb for offering a reward is to never ever pay reward money until your pet is returned to you.

Make several posters and post them in as many places as possible. Children are always drawn by pets and vise versa so if you live near a school, playground any place where children are busy be sure to put several posters where they will see them. Chances are if your pet has been in the area they will know it.

Other Important Places / People for Posters:

· Stop Signs / Utility Poles
· Veterinarian Clinics
· Mail Carrier
· Neighborhood Delivery Persons
· Local Stores/Gas Stations
· Police Department / Sheriffs Office
· Humane Society / Animal Shelter
· Any Bulletin Boards in your Area eg YMCA, Local Gym
· Grooming Shops (especially if your pet is one who requires professional grooming)

Be sure to visit the Veterinarians, Groomers and the Animal Shelters in your area equipped with posters of your pet. You will need to search the shelters in person. Do not take their word for it that your pet is not there. Your description of your pet may not be what they see if it is dirty, has lost weight or unrecognizable to them based on what you describe.

Visiting the Veterinarian Clinics is important. If your pet was injured, someone may have taken it to a clinic for treatment.

Keep at it don’t give up for your own peace of mind. Doing everything you can do, will be what brings your pet back home. If you are reading this because you have lost your pet, we wish you the very best in finding your beloved friend and family member.