Lost And Found – I Can’t Find My Website

Here’s a common question among new website owners. Why can’t I find my website? This article attempts to shed some light on why your website may be lost in the myriad of search engine listings. 

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Now that your website has been launched, the next most important step is your site must get indexed by the leading search engines. Since search engines love content, each search engine automatically spiders the web looking for new and updated pages. If your site is found during this process, then your site will be indexed (it’s been added to the search engine database).  


How do you determine that your site has been indexed? Simply copy and paste the following text into the search engine box: “mydomainname.com”. Be sure to use the double quotes around your domain name. If your website has been indexed then you will see your website address listed in the search results.

If your website has not been indexed, then you should submit your website to several leading directories, make blog post that includes a link back to your home page, or add your link to a website that gets spidered on a regular basis.

The next question is why can’t I find my site using my company name? The short answer is that your favorite search engine does not know enough about your website yet.

The long answer is your company name is competing with other pages that use the same keywords. When you enter your company name into a search box, you are simply entering a keyword phrase. So, the keyword phrase Bill’s Lawn Care Service, has to compete against any page that contains the term bill, lawn care and service. As you can imagine, there could be over 400,000 competing pages.

With so many competing pages, you’ll want to increase your visibility within the search engines. There are several strategies that you may use to increase your search presence. You may want to generate inbound links to your web site, submit your home page to relevant directories and indexes or start posting to blogs and social networks. These are simple tactics that anyone can you can use.

Don’t get overwhelmed, an online marketing plan can help to keep you on track.

So you have learned that getting a site indexed is only the beginning. If your website is lost in the maze of search engine results, then you can use a few of the above suggestions to find your website.