Copper Wire Recycling – Why Choose A Recyclers That Uses Austick Copper?

Austick Copper Recycling is a specialist company to pick up, evaluate, and transfer your unwanted copper, lead, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals for same day cash transfer. Make your copper, lead, or other non-ferrous metal collection go to great use by us. Our expert recyclers offer full metal recycling & recycling service throughout Australia and throughout the world. We provide all-day cash-less facility for your disposal & recycling on site. With our environmentally friendly services, you can have your copper and other non-ferrous metals collected and taken away securely at your desired location. 

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” Austick Copper Recycling is a specialist company to deal with old copper, lead, and zinc that are unwanted to individual users or business users. It provides all of the recycling prices, including collection, transportation, collection, and storage, without any hidden charges or fees. With the most efficient collection and transportation systems, we can make your copper collection and delivery very cost-effective. We also give you a minimum of $200 as a cash discount to take advantage of this extremely competitive price scenario.”

“Austick copper recycling in Sydney is an established enterprise. Their team of skilled recyclers, collectors, and transportation technicians work hard to keep the prices as competitive as possible. The entire process is controlled from the main office, so you will not have to worry about pricing issues or managing a variety of customers. They also have a nationwide network of recyclers to meet the entire requirements of your project.”

“This company is very experienced in the management and processing of copper recyclable waste. They are always ready to help you find a buyer for your unwanted pieces of scrap metal and are always on hand to help dispose of your materials. They are also a one-stop shop for all forms of scrap metal recycling in Sydney. If you need their services for any other reason, we encourage you to contact them.”

“The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Agency (ENEA) states that the majority of scrap copper is generated by recycling efforts. The agency also notes that the majority of recycled copper goes to local manufacturers and directly into their finished product. In other words, the copper recyclers are selling the scrap metal and using it again for another customer.”

The majority of scrap copper is recycled through an industrial copper pick-up facility. At an austick copper recycling center, buyers come to pick-up their individual pieces of recycled copper and pay a fee based upon the weight of the item. When you arrive at the pick-up location, you will be greeted by a trained recycler and given step-by-step instructions on what to do with your recycled copper. You may be able to purchase as little as one pound of recycled copper pieces for a substantial discount. You may be able to purchase several pounds at a discounted price.

Another recycling program offered by the rustic copper recyclers is their wire recycling program. They offer two options to choose from. Customers can purchase a pre-colored wire to recycle. Customers can also purchase pre-colored wire to make their own custom copper wire. Both options are available to the public. If you are interested in learning more about this copper recyclers contact them directly.

As was mentioned previously, many businesses and individuals in the recycling industry choose to work with recyclers such as Austick Copper recyclers. Because of the high quality of their product and their low cost it’s no wonder why many companies chose to use recyclers such as Austick instead of others who provide less durable, less custom, and less efficient scrap copper wire recycling or other metal recycling services. As environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important to companies and individuals, recycling programs are becoming a more important part of a company or business’s operations. So, if you are looking to find a local, expertly trained metal recycler then consider checking out the amazing work that Austick Copper Recyclers does.