Coastal Jaw Surgery, the Answer to Your Cosmetic Need

If you have had problems with your teeth due to your current state of health, or if you have just been unable to make your teeth healthy enough to eat properly, you may be a candidate for Coastal Jaw Surgery. This type of dentistry can help you regain strength in your jaw joints and in your bite, and it can also help to make your teeth stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. There are a few conditions that qualify you as a great candidate for this type of procedure. To find out if you fit into any of these categories, contact your dentist. 

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Some people are perfectly suited for this type of treatment, especially if they have an underlying issue that is causing their difficulties. Some common conditions that could lead to the need for this kind of procedure include periodontal surgery, bone loss, and/or tooth loss from disease or injury. If your problem is caused by one of these problems or a combination of problems, your dentist will discuss with you all options available. You will probably need to undergo some testing before your condition is deemed eligible for the use of coastal jaw surgery, including bone testing and periodontal therapy, as well as oral exams.

The best solution for anyone who is interested in using this kind of dentistry to correct their oral health is to find a qualified periodontist to perform the necessary tests. At least three different providers of periodontal services should be on your list of providers. Once the dentist determines that you are a good candidate for this type of surgery, he or she will schedule an initial consultation appointment for you. During your first visit, the periodontist will discuss the procedure in detail, tell you about the risks and benefits, and instruct you on the proper post-treatment protocol.

In the days following the initial visit, the periodontist will remove tartar and other deposits from your teeth and gums. A small amount of bone or gum tissue may also be removed if there are excessive pockets of plaque. In order to have enough room for the implant to be inserted, oral surgeons will divide your jaw into areas. These will be your ‘spaces’ for the tooth implants. Your oral surgeons will design an implant retrieval plan that works well with the size and placement of your jaw.

There are many benefits to having dental implants, and the benefits far outweigh the risks when you choose coastal jaw surgery, in expert hands. When you choose an implant provider who is experienced with both the placement and removal of dental implants, your results will be more predictable. You will also be provided with the additional care needed to make sure the implants heal properly. Oral surgeons have extensive training in the placement of these dental implants and the use of the best materials, such as titanium, so your implants will be strong and durable.

Our board certified, full-time faculty are experienced in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. They also have an extensive library of materials and information on oral health care for patients of all ages. With Coastal Jaw Surgery, patients can expect expert patient care, exceptional surgical techniques and the utmost quality in surgery. We offer the latest advancements in technology and we value our patients’ privacy. The greatest value of our services is our promise to offer a patient a painless, lifelong smile.

When you choose Coastal Jaw Surgery, you are being taken care of by the finest oral health care specialists in the country. Your entire surgical team is made up of the top oral surgeons in the country, including periodontists and advanced dental care nurses. Because of the specialized skills and equipment that our team of medical professionals have, oral surgery usually goes very smoothly and the results are amazing. Our surgical techniques use the most advanced technology to ensure that not only do we restore the ability to chew properly, but that we preserve the supporting bone, as well as implant components, to ensure that there are no complications during the course of the treatment.

Whether you have suffered a trauma, or whether you are suffering from serious decay that has made tooth extraction impossible, or if you simply need a root canal and a crown, Coastal Jaw Surgery can help you. Our doctors can perform surgeries on adults and children. During the treatment, we have many procedures available to treat both the oral cavity and the jaw. Whatever the need is, whether it’s a tooth extraction a jaw reconstruction, or a bone graft, we can give you a confident answer.